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its Dutch SP33DM4N it’s Eagle
00:00 GMT+1
03:00 GMT+1
06:00 GMT+1
09:00 GMT+1
12:00 GMT+1
15:00 GMT+1
18:00 GMT+1
21:00 GMT+1
Custom Traders
Safezone Stary Sobor.
Blackmarket NO Safezone.
Boat & Scuba Trader NO Safezone.

[Player Market in XM8.] see instruction bellow:
When searching an item.
You have to scroll through the playermarket and look for it manually. DO NOT use the search bar.
also make sure you have enough space, if you buy a weapon the necessary weapon slot has to be empty. pay attention to the white bar in your inventory -> don’t carry too much
and make sure you have the money on You. “item does not exist” usually indicates you searched for an item via search bar.

PERK System [to open PERKS Press CTRL + T]: It’s possible to assign a custom key. scroll down for user key information. Recoil Breach Flag Grinding Hacking LockPicking Repair Locker Limet Custom loadouts Bank limet 25 Mil. Upgraded with perk system 50 Mil. Starting with 10.000 respect and $ 25.000 Custom key for Instadoc/Bloodbag
Custom Loot-table* Loot +++
Custom Loot-positions on all buildings!
Custom Radiation zone
Custom Military loot spots
Spawn vehicle
Virtual Garage Slot on airfield you can unlock with money.
300 items on level 10 flags. level 11 is for admins only!
Maintain your base every 7 days. base decay is on 8 days
If your flag is stolen restore it after 2 days codes go to 0000 
4 days the base will despawn.
Stokes Vector-build
Base paint+/- 150 textures
Base Spawn once every 20 min (Level 8 Territory Flag or higher)
100-meter range Generator to switch on/off base lamps.
Lock/Unlock all safes/doors inside territory! [no codes needed]
Do not block your flag.
Base Raid
Thermal Scanner
Grind doors
Hacking Safes/Flag/Doors/Garage
Steal Flag
There must be atleast 10 players online to raid for hacking 
DMS Dynamic Missions, [HARDCORE AI] 
Capture points
Gear crates every restart
Helicopter crashes
Airdrops [Building Materials/Grenade launchers/Food&Drinks]
Farming ORE. 
in order to get the option to mine, you will need a pickaxe.
Drug Missions. 
in order to get the option to harvest, you will need a knife.
You will need diving clothing to take the box.
Red Circle: Military Drop
Yellow Circle: Money Drop
Blue Circle: Ikea building stuff
Assassination Target mission [Assassinate the Target and get his Cash & Money]
Ground / heli patrols/transports

Dape aircraft patrol mission.

Vehicle / Aircraft
We do have a really big selection of vehicles/aircraft.

Duct tape repair [on all vehicle]
Vehicle Service menu.
ReArm/Repair/Refuel at: fuel stations/service buildings/Helipads
Virtual Garage on territory.
Lonewolf Virtual Garage slot to unlock for 100k.
Reclaim body/loot from vehicle
Claim vehicle require Lock
Load crates in 90% of the vehicles
Realistic towing script
lock pick vehicle with a knife.
View-distance 3000 meters
EXAD Virtual Garage
Health Bars
Vehicle HP Bars
* Quad require item Ductape
* Lada require items Engine and Wheel
* Mozzie require items Engine and MainRotor
* Lightwait require items Engine and MainRotor
* Waterscooter require item RubberDuck
Player Scanner
Remote CCTV Acces
[BRAma Cookbook]
Base marker
Private Chat
Status Bar
Apoc airdrop once an hour.
Player market in xm8
Halo / Ground.
Base spawn selection lvl 8+ flag.
Custom kill messages
Custom loadout kits
Rappel require item Rope
Slingload require item Rope
Towing require item Rope
R3F Logistics Pick up and walk with boxes
Chop wood directly into the vehicle. [base Game vehicle only]
Abandon territory Scroll option on flag.
Territory payment anoucement.
Disabled it so you can not Repair while in combat.
Acces DLC Vehicle..
Teargasgrenades Yellow smokes Gasmask required to not get dmg from teargas
Full screen nightvission.
Day and Night Cycle NO VOTING! 2.5 hour Day and 30 min Night.
Deleted by Server
Vote Day Night System.
All lockble launchers.
Jets, overpowerd Helicopters and tanks we do have APC.
Enhanced Movement will not work in a range of 160 meter of a territory flag!
Custom Userkeys
User key 1 = Unlock/lock
User key 2 = Yellow Team Marker
User key 3 = Remove all markers
User key 4 = Use Bloodpack
user key 5 = Server info menu
User key 6 = not used
User key 7 = Perk system ( set it on P)
you can set user keys for Enhanced movement to, 
load all the mods for the server and start-up ARMA 3 
go to settings. than press expansions. enhanced movement. 
only asign a custom user key to Jump/climb remove the other keys, 
then go back and go to settings put everything off at settings.
How to make Money
DMS Dynamic Missions, our missions are an easy way to make money 
there will be loot in the crates and on the AI bodies.
[don’t forget to loot bodies!]
Capture points, you will have to capture the zone for 5 min. 
rewards are min 50k pop tabs [ the more players the more money]. 
Gear crates, our gear crates spawn  High-loot items.
Helicopter crashes our helicopter crashes spawn  High-loot items.
Airdrops [Building Materials/Grenade launchers/Food&Drinks & Drugs]
Farming ORE. 
in order to get the option to mine, you will need a pickaxe.
Drugs Missions. 
in order to get the option to harvest, you will need a knife.
Shipwrecks, you will need diving clothing to take the box.
[high-loot items]
Red Circle: Military Drop [High-loot Weapons]
Yellow Circle: Money Drop
Go loot, at our Radiationzone. Best gear will be found there!
Assasinate Target mission will drop up to min 50k max 250k
Convoy, transports & patrols
Rocket L:aunchers
You are able to find launchers and rockets on the map
and they aren’t sold at the traders. 
[Military loot, Radiationzone & Missions]
Do you like to see something getting changed on our server, post your suggestions in a ticket on Discord!